BREAK it DOWN – Tuesday- Long live LEWIN and BRYCE



So we GOT the weekly slot. You will hear LEWIN and BRYCE every TUESDAY at ELEVEN from now ON. Break it Down Tuesdays will be ours for the presenting. Yeah that’s a clumsy line isn’t it? Oh well.

So yeah. We played some tracks and Bryce and I practiced our skanking in the studio. Expect a link within the week.

EDIT: Video live!

Also, if you were in Lotosoma or Shot in Paris, contact us, people need to hear your story, yo.
We played a lot of covers tonight, too.
Playlist, sup:
Anamanaguchi – Holiday (cover)
Bit Shifter – The World Has Turned (and Left Me Here) (cover)
Shot in Paris – Shot in Paris
Lotosoma – Strength
Judas Priest – The Rage
Converge – Eagles Become Vultures (oh come on this never happened check your evolution stuff)
Sarsekim – Driving the Vital Source
Little Birdy – Relapse
Prisonbitch – Shit for Brains
Save Ferris – Come on Eileen (cover) (man this song is fun to skank to…)
Reel Big Fish – Take On Me (cover)
U2 – With or Without You
A Smile From The Trenches – Hot n Cold (cover)

Yes, playing Hot n Cold covers is an OFFICIAL Lewin and Bryce meme. We love it. It’s so cute.

And the gig guide. Lewin’s (my) language was rather colourful this week, you reckon? Yeah. It was. Like a fuckin’ rainbow. 😀

Wednesday, August 12th
For Today (US), Saving Grace (NZ), Bloodsport, Marla Singer, Closed Casket
Fowler’s Live, Lic/AA, $12 presale, $15 door, 7:00 pm

Friday, 14th August
Pathetic Human [Psychadelic hardcore punk from Melbourne, split 7” launch], Suffer [Perth powerviolence], Prisonbitch [CDL], Sex Wizard, OK Peligro
Squatter’s Arms Hotel, 8:00 pm

Saturday, August 15th:

Live Hard and Heavy II
Universum, Skintilla, Octanic, Tread [Vic], Satoria, Amsha, Till Death
Live on Light Square, $13.50 tick’s or $15 door, 6:00 – 11:30 pm, A/A
[first patrons thru the doors on the night (incl pre-sale) receive a 7-track CD sampler FREE!]

ISAW, A Process Of [Vic], San Marcos, Day 13, Code Of Conduct
Adelaide Uni Bar, $12, Lic A/A, 7:00 pm

The Trace Vapour (Featuring ex-members of Diatribe, Divide Catalyst and Omniu), Convict Anatomy, Splyne, Blood Covered Shovel, Splattergasm
The Magill Club (6 Uren st, Magill), $10, 7:00 pm, Lic A/A

Thursday, August 20th
Parkway Drive [NSW], August Burns Red, Architects [UK]
Thebarton Theatre, tickets $32.40 + b.f., 7:30 pm

Friday, August 21st
Craterface [CDL], Stolen Youth, Seduction [Vic], Anchors [Vic]
Enigma, $10, 7:30 pm, A/A

September 10th
Little Birdy, Red Riders, Hungry Kids of Hungary
HQ, $35.40

And yeah. Children Collide at Fowler’s on September 17th.

So listen in next week for more awesomeness and we’re gonna roll it continuous cause we like to mix it fresh and keep it up. I mean mix it up and keep it fresh. How embarassing… :/ Podcasts are up at, check ’em out, quite a few episodes up now thanks to our lovely University hosts.

But yeah. Comment us if you read the blog cause we don’t reckon anyone reads it… and join our Facebook group, “Break it Down with Lewin and the Brycemeister”! We only have 7 peeps in it. It’s here:


Lewin (and Bryce is here too!)


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