Gus and Miles, radio styles.


What could be better than an evening with friends? Thursdays show was just that. Miles and I brought you the usual feast of whimsical anecdotes, vague musings, and intellectual profundities, all the while peppered with a light, delicate sauce of contemporary music.

What a set it was! We (you) heard:

Oasis – Bag it Up

The Kaiser Chiefs – You want history

The Whitlams – I make hamburgers

Dave Matthews Band – Granny

Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook

Radical Face – Wrapped in piano strings


We discussed why planes seem to be crashing more than they used to – a point which Miles disagreed with – ,  the odd banter you hear on chairlifts at the snow, and what kind of pick up lines might be useful when seeking the hand of one with whom you are besotted. We also talked about just how cool Sydney actually is (very).

If you’d like to hear more of this cutting edge discussion – and who wouldn’t? – stay tuned to your favourite source for radio for students: Break it Down, on Radio Adelaide.


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