Left, Right, and Centre: The ‘What The Hell Is Tim Talking About Edition?’ (11/08/09)


Website! Hey! You haven’t received much attention in a while. It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just that, y’know, absence makes the heart grow fonder and stuff. Yeah.

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This week, murderous macaws Timothy, Mateo, Casey and Christopher had a lovers tiff about:

File sharing!

In the wake of the R.I.A.A. (Recording Industry Association of America) not taking too kindly to private citizens sharing music online, and hence suing them for all they’re worth and more, the LRC lads decided to talk about the fraught issue of file-sharing. The recent verdict ordering student Joel Tenenbaum to pay US$675,000 to the Warner and Universal Music Groups for illegally downloading and distributing 30 tracks (a tall order, considering how bad some of them were) comes after the first such verdict in history, where mother of four Jammie Thomas-Rasset was ordered to pay US$1.92 million for the distribution of 24 (presumably far worse still) songs.

Flag burning!

In an oldie but goodie not previously discussed on the show, the gentlemen turned to the issue of flag burning. And wouldn’t you know it, dissent in the ranks! The issue was controversial enough to ensure legitimate disagreement that didn’t end when the mikes went off. Essentially, the (chief) disagreement lay in the purpose of flag desecration; legitimate means of protest or nothing but deliberate provocation? The issue is prevalent in Australia, where a High Court ruling defends one’s right to do it, but especially the United States, where a proposed Constitutional amendment failed to pass the Senate by a single vote in 2006.

And sweet, sweet music:

  • There She Goes, My Beautiful World, because Nick Cave keeps things in perspective.
  • The King of Carrot Flowers Part 1, by Neutral Milk Hotel, because where else to start but Part 1?
  • All the King’s Men, because Chris is very excited about Wild Beasts’ new album.
  • The Fool on the Hill – because that’s what Tim is for picking a Beatles track.
  • Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, because Mateo thinks the world needs more Bob Dylan.

As usual, we also had Rapid Fire News, and Gameshow, in which Chris surprised all by pulling out a wonderful Timpression. We also added an Oxford Comma to the title of the show, just because we can. Next week we might add an exclamation mark or something. We’re crazy like that.

Until next time, Cha Cha!

~ The Left, Right, and Centre Jesters


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