Tuezday – Break It Down – Lezin And Bryzé – SO WE LIKE Z


So like we went continuous again and you know what? WE ARE STILL THE ONLY ONES THAT EVER DO THIS! Do you think it’s cause it rocks and other people are like, well intimidated, yo, by our commandin’ prescence on the wavezez, or is it cause it sucks? Well since we get no comments we’ll never know ;_; Show us some love, yeah?

Playlist, yep!
Convict Anatomy – Legal Genocide
Suffer – Labelled
Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
Powerglove – So Sexy Robotnik
The Thermals – Now We Can See
MGMT – Kids
Ricochet Pete – Thanks for Nothing
Skintilla – Sword for Sword
Imminent Psychosis – Epic
Exhumed – The Power Remains (Amebix cover)
Prisonbitch – Indie Kids Fuck Off
Lord – 220
Good Charlotte – Girls and Boys
Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
Daft Punk – Face to Face
Coheed and Cambria – A Favor House Atlantic

Gig guide, yo!

Thursday, August 20th
Parkway Drive [NSW], August Burns Red, Architects [UK], Abandon All Hope
Thebarton Theatre, tickets $32.40 + b.f., 7:30 pm, Lic A/A

Friday, August 21st
Craterface [CDL], Stolen Youth, Seduction [Vic], Anchors [Vic]
Enigma, $10, 7:30 pm, A/A

Saturday, August 22nd
Infitraitor (“Shadows” EP launch), Nazarite, Broken Scarlet, Jack the Giant Killer, Into the Sea (WA)
Fowler’s Live, $12, 7pm

Friday, August 28th
Closed Casket, In The Burial, The Lytic Cycle, From Birth To Burial
“War Room” Enigma, $10, 9pm, 18+
Kreator tix giveaway; 2 for 1 entry before 11pm

Saturday, August 29th
“Thrashacre” Imminent Psychosis, Till Death, A Murder Of Crows, Flashpoint, Blunt Havok
Fowler’s Live, 7pm, $12, Lic A/A

Remassacre (“Dead Since the Womb” CDL), Bloodsport, Settle for Nothing, Jack the Giant Killer, Lake Nyos
Adelaide Unibar, 7pm, $15, A/A

September 10th: Little Birdy
September 11th: Cannibal Corpse (US) (with Altars and Closed Casket)
September 12th: Aural Fist (Metal, Noise, Ambient, Experimental)
September 17th: Children Collide
September 19th: Against the Grain V (metal festival)
September 27th: Kreator (Ger), Mortal Sin (Vic)
November 3rd: Arch Enemy (Sweden) and Suffocation (US)
October 11th: Slayer (US) and Megadeth (US)
December 9th: Dream Theatre (US)
December 16th: Lamb of God (US), Devildriver (US) and Shadows Fall (US)

So yeah we lovez the lettzr z. And we love bein’ on radio, so yeah we is gonna do this next week, yo’, and there may be moar dance moves a la last week. You’ll probably have to listen in to find out, yeah?

Catch y’all,

Lewithor and The Bryce-Z


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