Breaking it down with Chrissy on August 6


Good morning/day/night world!

Like always the show was jam packed with music, but this week I was joined by a friend of mine Leah Sally Squire who helped me co-host the program, leading to a healthy dose of good quality smack talking. Apart from harking back to our younger days as teen moshettes, quoting the hilarious ‘About me’ section Sia’s Myspace page and referencing the possibilities of being turtle (oh to have a shell), we did play the new Grinspoon song ‘Comeback’. Leah and I discussed it’s obvious departure from the lads early work, and I made comment that it almost sounds a tad American. Check out there myspace  if your keen for another  listen I’d love to hear peoples thoughts 🙂

These are the tracks we spun…

‘An empire master’ – The Jeanius

‘Simple game’ – Seth Sentry

‘Remember me’  – Tame Impala

‘No time to grow up’ – Joe Neptune

‘Breathe Me’ – Sia Furler

‘Comeback’ – Grinspoon

‘Ramona was a waitress’ – Paul Dempsey

‘More than you are’ – Grinspoon

‘Long way to go’ – Liam Finn & Eliza Jane

‘They were words’ – Georgia Potter

Thanks for listening/reading and i’ll talk/type to you soon.

Peace out

– Chrissy


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