Chrissy breaks it down with Gemini Downs


Hello dear onlooker!

Tonight’s show was a night of firsts. It was the first time I had a band play live in the studio and it was their first time on radio. The wonderfully new adelaide band Gemini Downs made the admirable effort of not only coming in for an interview but they also played live, with a saxophone none the less!

You can catch Gemini Downs at the Adelaide University finals for the National Campus Band Comp on Friday the 21st of August at the Adelaide Unibar from 7pm. They will be competing against The British Robots, Like Kites, Granny Flat, Jimmy and the Mirrors and Hooked on Monkey Phonics.

Radelaide was a prominent theme tonight with many local bands getting a spin and the playlist went as follows;

‘Trikster’ – The British Robots

‘Someway’ – Olivers Army

‘Bossanova’ – Gemini Downs (Live preformance)

‘Solutions’ – The Sundance Kids

‘Broken Leg’ – Bluejuice

‘Lets Go’ – Diafrix

‘Bellatrix’ – Jeff Raglus

‘Python for a pillow’ – The Fumes

‘The space on the wall’ – Dead Letter Circus

‘Fireflies’- 20th Century Graduates

‘Such a rush’ – Breach




One Response to “Chrissy breaks it down with Gemini Downs”

  1. Hey there Chrissy,

    My name is Ryan Oliver, I write music and sing in a band called Olivers Army, and it seems you may have played one of tracks? First of all we really appreciate getting some exposure through you so thank you kindly for that, my only objection is that if you have played the track stated above, the title is actually ‘someWAY’ not ‘someSAY’. haha But thats fine and if you are interested in some of our music we’ve finished mixing the tracks featured on unearthed and myspace and i could send you either a burnt cd of the final mixes or email you the mp3’s whatever is preferable for you.

    Cheers Chrissy!

    Olivers Army

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