Illuminati – Broadcasting to Gliese 581d


Hello Loyal Listeners and Royal Readers,

This week Illuminati fell on the 21st of August, why? Because it was a Friday morning and that’s pretty much how a regular time-slot works guys, geeze. Brad suggested society had gone to the dogs, repeatedly, Gem more or less agreed, but (fearing association with sensationalist media) remained cynical.

In I Read The News Too Brad and Gem talked about a lady who allegedly went a buttocks too far and epicurean advertisements . From what we gather a lady seems to have been arrested for wearing what was essentially her uniform when she was working in a Bar. We both agreed this was pretty ridiculous, but more importantly that this quote was  both a very good quote and the most entertaining part of the story:

“Mr Dobson wanted to know which buttock was exposed as well as the extent of the exposure. It was also stated that Ms Brooks’ nipples were erect, although Mr Dobson questioned whether that too was criminal conduct.”

In as far as rechargeable adverts go, the decision was unanimous; it’s gosh darn ridiculous. No one wants tiny screens in their magazine that suggest they should drink Pepsi, no one wants to recharge them, and it’s nothing like Harry Potter.

Stop linking muggle things to Harry Potter, please.

Stop linking muggle things to Harry Potter, please.

In Slightly Scientific we celebrated National Science Week and the fact along with being pretty shit at directions a human character trait also seems to be writing really dull messages to whatever poor creatures may or may not be living on or near  Gliese 581d.

Quote Unquote came from Illuminati favourite Lyndon LaRouche referring to the end of his alleged decade under censorship:  “I’m out of the box, and I can’t be put back in it.”

Playlist, Baby. ..

Michael Peter with ‘My Favourite’

Johnny Adams with ‘Hard Times’

I’m Jack Dee with ‘It Might Rain’

The Stranglers with ‘Golden Brown’

Mat Joe Bow and Band with ‘Come to Mama, She Say’

Morphine with ‘Wishing Well’

The Beastie Boy’s acoustic (if that’s the right word)  ‘Kangaroo Rat’

and we put you to sleep with Johnny Cash’s ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ because it’s a lovely song.

Lots of Love, Illuminati.


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