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A whole show of just Justin and Ash? Did it make you laugh? Did it make you cry? We don’t know, because noone rang us. Maybe noone was listening. Maybe you were all just stunned into silence by our sheer awesomeness. Yeah, it’s the last one, I know it. Songs! Slide Train – Richard Steele […]

SO we played FOLK PUNK! and BRAND NEW! and other SONGS! like GRUNGE! and METALZ LEWIN DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT. /insert Bryce’s metalcore/grindcore dissertation here so lieeeeeek we played songs and maybe you listened? Did you? Nawrh, you’re so sweet! ^____^ ❤ So like a playlist 😀 Radiohead – You Bad Religion – You Frank Turner […]

Can you chat the ear off a dead cat? Think you’re more intelligent than Kyle Sandilands? More entertaining than white noise? Want all of Adelaide to know your thoughts? Adelaide University Student Radio is Australia’s longest running student radio program, and has been running for over 30 years on Radio Adelaide. Student Radio is the […]

Chris, Casey, Tim and Mateo returned for another week to show the world just why Left, Right, and Centre is the pinnacle of student radio. Armed once more with a full compliment, Radio Adelaide’s finest spoke about the plan in Queensland to withhold welfare payments from the parents of truant children, as well as the […]

Nice to see you again, This week Brad was unwell so Casey, being the stand up gentleman that he  is, stepped up, if only to ensure Gem was not left alone with a microphone for an hour. We talked about Parapsychology (thanks Paris!), Willard Smith, blood lamps, naked mole rats and stem-cell snorting. In Slightly […]

Hey folks, it’s a bit behind, but have a tracklisting from our latest bundle of joy we call a late night radio show! Apocalypse blues – murder mouse blues band What it is – B-Movie Heroes She wants to sell my monkey – Johnny Jones Rum and Coca Cola – Andrew Sisters Goldfinger – Lucifer’s […]

SO WE HIT SOME GIGS! THEY ROCKED. CHILDREN COLLIDE WERE SO FUCKING GREAT. ATG5 WAS SO FUCKING GREAT. Were you there? COMMENT US! /read the above paragraph in a Powerthirst-fashion So yeah! WE PLAYED SOME SONGS. (Y) THEY WERE: Brand New – Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don’t (WHAT A LONG TITLE […]