The Gus & Miles Show on Break It Down 11PM Thursdays


Well Gus and Miles, being good merchants of radio entertainment, provided yet another thrilling hour of bold content.

This week we trialed “in the news”, a segment not dissimilar from ABC’s “Media Watch” where we keep an eye out for interesting and compelling radio at its finest. Last night we played an interview with Steven Butler, Minister for Ageing, where Mark Colvin from the ABC quizzed him about his conduct in slashing staff numbers and standards of care for budget reasons

Some highlights from the interview included:

“As you know we have an aging population. Now, before they all come on and start to put even more strains and pressures on the system, basically what we’re trying to do is get the really old ones, the really weak ones, the real “stragglers”, the “duds” if you will, to fall off the perch, or to shuffle off the coil to use a nicer phrase. But, they’ve had a good run, they’ve seen all sorts of things! They were there when man walked on the moon, they saw the end of World War Two, they saw the hippies. So they’ve had a good run…

And when he was quizzed about the mice infestations in his centres, his response was:

“A huge number of these people in the homes were actually from a time when mouse plagues, rat infestations, vermin and low standards of hygiene were actually quite commonplace – in their youth and the 30’s, 40’s and especially for those fighting during the wars. It’s almost like a trip down memory lane, a little bit of nostalgia for these people to see rats crawling all over them, to see mice in the hallway to see soup with a dead rat in it. These are things that a lot of elderly patients quite welcome, even if they can’t physically be able to say so.”

Other good news from the week has seen “The Gus and Miles Show” become the 128,553,172,179th group to spawn on Facebook. Just hammering the point home for Miles who spoke of a feeling of agitation, by being “late on the train” for such things as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, “The Office” and “Flight of the Chonchords”.

Flight of the Conchords - A hot up and coming comedy duo. Check it out...

Flight of the Conchords - A hot up and coming comedy duo. Check it out...

But better late than never –

Gus also kindly enlightened us to some engrossing animal facts as part of his “shitty facts” segment. Miles was certainly captivated and no doubt the many listeners were too when they learnt that:

– Snails can sleep for up to 3 years.
– Bears can jump up to 6ft and run 25mph
– An Albatross can sleep its flying
– A Lobster takes 7 years to grow to 1 pound.

And of course, radio sets across Adelaide and computers speakers across the world were graced by the tunes of:

The Shiny Brights – Electric Tigerland
Kooks – Always Where I Need To Be
Gomez – Ruff Stuff
You Remind Me Of Home – Ben Gibbard
Atmosphere – Yesterday
Augustana – Sunday Best
The Roots – Criminal


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