Illuminati – comforting like a warm shower.


Hello Everybody,

It was nice to spend another crisp Thursday night frequenting your 101.5 and this week friendly hosts Brad and Gem asked the tough questions – Should you pay your fines in urine soaked coins? Can you see with your tongue? and Is the ability to have video games with very sexy graphics really worth the annihilation of humanity?

Apparently it's this or humantiy boys and girls, you decide.

Apparently it's this or humantiy boys and girls, you decide.

In ‘I read the news too!’ Brad seemed to suggest that yes, you should pay your fines in urine soaked coins, and he presented us with Michael Harold Lynch, an individual who did just that. Essentially Michael was pretty unimpressed with his fine and made his displeasure known by paying his entire $206 fine in coins floating in his own urine, delivered in zip locked bags. Gem remains unconvinced.

We also discussed sight and taste and the new technology that has combined the two in ‘Slightly Scientific’. As it turns out you can now (kind-of ) see with your tongue, it’s amazing and we were both pretty stoked about it. After discussing technology that allowed you to move with your tongue a few weeks ago it did raise the question – How long will it be before we can hear with our tongues and do away with our cumbersome limbs, evolving into tongues attached to digestive tracts and genitals on wheels? (Quite an awkward question, but you get the point).

In ‘Factually Spurious’ we again looked at the merit of another theory on our world’s imminent doom, this time by AI in Anthony Berglas’ paper entitled ‘Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Our Grandchildren‘. It suggests we’ve become complacent to the threat of computers  because they’re all around us, and that we should go back to the 60’s and 70’s when we were  more weary of them.  Also that we should stop developing computers, even suggesting we should abandon our sexy graphics and regress to the computers of the 1990’s. Our conclusion? It’s pretty far-fetched and he references a TV show.

There was music too!

‘Beautiful Smiles’ from Bohoeffer because they’re local and bluesy.

‘I Got You Babe’ from none other than Sonny and Cher, for Brad’s Grandad.

‘Clocks’ from Bertie Blackman, because Gem’s changed her mind about her.

‘Sail at Dawn’ from Me and The Grown Ups, because there’s dust now on our clothes and pillows.

‘Rocking In The Free World’ by Neil Young, one and a bit times.

As Always, Lots of Love from Illuminati

Gem and Brad in their weekend attire.

Gem and Brad in their weekend attire.

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