We Grow Up with Lewin and Bryce on Break It Down


So we had the pleasure of interviewing local indie heroes We Grow Up! They played a sweetly awesome set and chyeah, was cool. Check them out when they play at the Coopers Alive Festival at the Rhino Room on the 16th of October, yo.

Playlist!? Yeah!
The Red Shore – The Garden of Impurity
Cannibal Corpse – A Skull Full of Maggots
Pantera – Primal Concrete Sledge
Goldfinger – Mabel
Less Than Jake – Plastic Cup Politics
Children Collide – Marie Marie Pt 2
Sarah Blasko – We Won’t Run
Gomez – Get Myself Arrested
Ayreon – Sail Away to Avalon

And the gig guide 😀
Disclaimer: This is our pick of the upcoming gigs, for a more complete list, see our page at studentradio.wordpress.com

Thursday, September 10th
Little Birdy, Red Riders (NSW), Hungry Kids of Hungary (QLD)
HQ, $32.60+bf, 7:30 pm, 18+

Friday, September 11th
Cannibal Corpse (US), Altars, Closed Casket
Fowler’s Live, $62.90+bf, 7:30 pm, Lic A/A
Cassette Kids (NSW), Grafton Primary (NSW)
The Governor Hindmarsh, $20+, 7:00, All Ages
As Silence Breaks (NSW), Jack the Giant Killer, Vegas in Ruins (NSW), Rising from Ruins
The Underground

Saturday, September 12th
AURAL FIST: Tzun Tzu, Quasar, Mythyca, Altars, The Fuck Machine, Falling Through Walls, r.domain, The Rape, The Watcher in the Water, Visceral Anguish
Live on Light Square, $15, 5:30pm, Lic A/A
Broken Scarlet (CDL), Adandon All Hope, Infiltraitor, Fighting for Lacey, Daybreak
Fowler’s Live, 7:00pm, $15, Lic A/A
APOCALYPTIC CITY: Simply Thrash, Electric Shit Storm
Squatter’s Arms, 18+ (Megadeth “End Game” giveaways)

Thursday, September 17th
Children Collide, The Scare
Fowler’s Live, $19+bf, Lic A/A

September 19th: Against the Grain V (metal festival)
11:45 – 12:05.    ARCADIA
12:05 – 12:25.   TAUNT
12:30 – 12:55.   OCTANIC
1:00 – 1:25.    IN DEATH
1:30 – 1:55   SE BON KI RA
2:00 – 2:30.    GALLOWS FOR GRACE
2:35 – 3:05.    ‘NEATH
3:10 – 3:40.   SEPARATIST
3:40 – 4:10.    EMPYREAN
4:15 – 4:45.   BHELLIOM
4:50 – 5:20.   CLAIM THE THRONE
5:25 – 5:55.    LYNCHMADA
6:00 – 6:30.    NE OBLIVISCARIS
6:35 – 7:05.    TRUTH CORRODED
7:10 – 7:40.    LORD
7:45 – 8:15    ALARUM
8:20 – 8:50.    DOUBLE DRAGON
8:55 – 9:25.    CAPTAIN CLEANOFF
9:30 – 10:05.    THE AMENTA
10:50 – 11:30.    ALCHEMIST
Start 11:30, $42.60+bf, Lic A/A

Also Saturday, September 19th
Quest, Muted Earth. Hybrid Illusion, Günter and the Safe Word, Not for the Innocent
Northern Sound Systems, $10, 6:45pm, Licensed All Ages

Sunday September 27th
Kreator (Ger), Mortal Sin (Vic)
HQ, $58+bf, 18+

November 3rd: Arch Enemy (Sweden) and Suffocation (US)
October 11th: Slayer (US) and Megadeth (US)
December 9th: Dream Theatre (US)
December 16th: Lamb of God (US), Devildriver (US) and Shadows Fall (US)
December 26th: Summer Rage Fest

So yeah. Come back next week for more of that weird feeling you can’t get anywhere BUT Break it Down with Lewin and Bryce.
Ciao! 😀


One Response to “We Grow Up with Lewin and Bryce on Break It Down”

  1. 1 Marty

    I love your radio show Lewin. Thanks for playing my favourite song 🙂
    Awesome show guys (y)

    I think I accidentally posted this in the wrong page but oh well

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