Left, Right, and Centre: Very Popular with Fans, both Young and Old (08/09/09)


Naked Cowboy drops out of mayoral race

In what was by far the biggest election news of the past week, the famous Naked Cowboy – who, incidentally, does not perform naked – has dropped out of the New York City mayoral race, saying he’s ‘had enough’ of the associated red tape.

Also known as Robert Burck, the famous busker on Times Square known for playing guitar dressed only in cowboy boots, hat and white socks, he entered the race against multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg in July, saying that ‘nobody has done more with less’.

Burck says the final straw came when the city’s Conflicts of Interest board fined him $250 for failing to fill out a required financial disclosure form relating to the election. He says the only way to be taken seriously is in a suit and tie, which conflicts with his busker shtick.

Liberal crosses floor to end detainee debt

In what may surprise some (that there was ever such a law), asylum seekers and those who overstay their visas will no longer have to pay for the cost of their detention. The government bill ending the requirement passed the Senate on Tuesday with the help of Nick Xenophon, Steve Fielding, and Liberal Judith Troeth, who crossed the floor on the issue.

The law was originally in place to minimise the costs to the Australian community associated with the detention of ‘unlawful non-citizens’ and enure they bore most of the costs and in turn repaid their debt to the Commonwealth, as a condition for being granted a visa.

Noting that less than 2.5% of the detention debt had been recovered since 2004/2005, the Joint Standing Committee on Migration (J.C.S.M.) admitted that the practice failed to provide any substantial revenue and the money recovered was approximately equal to the administrative costs.

Pictures of dying marine bring war home to America

The Associated Press (A.P.) have, in approximately 20 newspapers and more websites, published a photo of a mortally wounded US soldier in southern Afghanistan. Hit by a rocket-propelled grenade (R.P.G.), Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard died of his injuries shortly after.

Understandably, this has triggered a fierce debate in the United States (and the LRC studio) about just how far journalistic duty and license should extend, and whether the coverage of the war in Afghanistan (and by extension others) should be sanitised, especially given the incursion’s dwindling support. The A.P. have said that they only published the photo after a period of reflection, saying that it illustrates the ‘bravery and sacrifice’ of US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

Though they showed the photo to the victim’s family in advance, the A.P. admit they did not seek nor they did receive permission to publish it. The concerns of families have long been used as justification for continued censorship of images of US war dead, with the Pentagon overturning a long-standing ban only 4 years ago.

Music; sweet music

  • When the Ship Comes In, by The Clancy Brothers. Because if it’s Dylan, even a cover, it’s enough for Tim.
  • A Boy Named Sue, by Johnny Cash. The man in black amusing us all the way from San Quentin.
  • Jolene, by The White Stripes. Because it’s the best thing ever associated with Dolly Parton.
  • True Love Waits, by Radiohead. Do we really need a reason?

3 Responses to “Left, Right, and Centre: Very Popular with Fans, both Young and Old (08/09/09)”

  1. 1 Marty

    I love your radio show Lewin. Thanks for playing my favourite song 🙂
    Awesome show guys (y)

  2. 2 Marty

    Whoops I think I posted that last one on the wrong page

  3. 3 Michael

    Damn it Casey!

    In the podcast you didn’t include Tim praising me then de-friending me!

    It’s a great soccer prank and I was going to put it on youtube!

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