Left, Right, and Centre: Croaking and Coughing (15/09/09)


Left, Right, and Centre returned for another week of moderately informed politicking with an increasingly rare full cast. Chris and Mateo may have felt under the weather; so what better way to perk them up than by talking about paedophilia and women in the military (among other things)?

Craig Dennis Ferguson

Controversy reigned the past week when Dennis Ferguson, a convicted paedophile who was imprisoned for 14 years in 1988 after kidnapping and sexually assaulting three children, faced extreme pressure to leave his new place of residence, the N.S.W. town of Ryde. The State Housing Minister, David Borger, admitted that his government had erred in allowing Ferguson to move to Ryde, especially to an area nearby a scout hall and two primary schools. However, Borger does not actually possess the power to force Ferguson to move. As a result, the state government and opposition did all they could to force Ferguson to leave Ryde, including imploring the prisoner support group Justice Now to help him with a move. The LRC kids, each with their particular viewpoint, argued to issue to its conclusion. Well, at least until Casey told them to stop. N.B. since this episode aired, Ferguson has, to defuse public anger, moved from his public housing into a hotel pending permanent accommodation in another town. However, he retains the lease and can move back if he pleases.

Lady Fighter(s)

In surprising news – surprising mainly because it has taken so long – Federal Defence Personnel Minister Greg Combet has announced that the Australian Defence Force (A.D.F.) is developing new recruitment criteria that would allow women to apply for all military positions. Currently, the A.D.F. allows women to serve in most roles, but restricts them from frontline duties. Though the proposal has been met with general approval, there remain voices of opposition. The erstwhile gentlemen of Left, Right and Centre did the radio equivalent of scratching their heads and shrugging their shoulders, not really understanding how anyone could oppose this proposal.

The Official Casey Briggs fan club

The latest in LRC’s string of ill-fated, spur of the moment ‘ideas’, urging all loyal listener/s with Facebook accounts to pay tribute to everyone’s favourite Student Radio presenter, Casey Briggs. By sheer coincidence, there exists a fan group for another (inferior, though bearded) Casey, somewhere in the big, bad world of the United States. The plan is to form an absolute majority of beardless, baby-faced Casey-lovers and then… well, it’s hard to say. We won’t know unless you do your bit and join! Just search for Casey Briggs.

Music, sweet music: Like most weeks (ok, we’re lying; every week), there was music!!

  • The Way We Get By, by Spoon, ‘cos Chris needs some life advice.
  • The Crane Wife 3, by The Decemberists, because Casey knows better than the trust the first two.
  • Auditorium, by Mos Def (feat. Slick Rick), because Mateo couldn’t resist some hipping and hopping.
  • Cosmik Debris, by Frank Zappa, because Tim had a hard time finding a non-esoteric Zappa song.

Au revoir, children of the night! xoxo

~ The Left, Right, and Centre social events committee.


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