Left, Right, and Centre: You F%@kers Can Get F#*ked (22/09/09)


Chris, Casey, Tim and Mateo returned for another week to show the world just why Left, Right, and Centre is the pinnacle of student radio. Armed once more with a full compliment, Radio Adelaide’s finest spoke about the plan in Queensland to withhold welfare payments from the parents of truant children, as well as the curious case of Prime Minister Rudd’s gosh-darned potty mouth. There were also regular favourites Rapid Fire News and Gameshow.

Punish the parents!

The recent announcement and planned introduction of a Federal Government plan to dock the parents of truant children their welfare payments has led to much conjecture and many a thoughtful “yes, but…”. The LRC chaps sought to, in their inimitable way, get to the bottom (or at least somewhere near the bottom of the surface) of this prickly issue… without recommending a total overhaul of the country’s education system.

Kevin Rudd ‘fucking vulgar’?

In a story that provoked a firestorm of not much controversy at all except in the LRC studios, Kevin Rudd is understood to have launched ‘an expletive-laden tirade’ at factional Labor bosses, including 3 female MPs we’re told, over a proposed cut to MPs’ printing allowances. Knowing that we’re likely to speak differently behind closed doors than, say, in front of our mothers, the main consternation of the LRC chaps was the unnecessary (and constant) mentions of the female MPs. Don’t you fucking understand, that the gals have sensitive little ears?

Rapid Fire News
Was definitely part of the show, as it has been for some months now.


Mateo was the winner

Chris played something by Franz Ferdinand, Casey played the single from the Monsters of Folk album, Mateo played a song by a band called We Were Promised Jetpacks, and Tim played… probably something based on the 12-bar blues.

Goodbye for now.

~ The Left, Right, and Centre Gaggle


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