Warmed Illuminati – with a side of crisp Casey.


Nice to see you again,

This week Brad was unwell so Casey, being the stand up gentleman that he  is, stepped up, if only to ensure Gem was not left alone with a microphone for an hour. We talked about Parapsychology (thanks Paris!), Willard Smith, blood lamps, naked mole rats and stem-cell snorting.

Willard Smith in (arguably) his most profound piece.

Willard Smith in (arguably) his most profound piece.

In Slightly Scientific we discussed how Naked Mole Rats, previously  known for being the least attractive animal ever, could potentially hold the cure to cancer in their ugly little genome. NMR (as they’re known in the industry) have two genes that control contact inhibition of cell growth (that’s one more than humans!) and because cancer is essentially the unrestricted growth of abnormal cells they have an extra barrier that we simply do not have. Begging the question- is the drastic reduction in the likelihood of developing cancer adequate evolutionary compensation for such unattractive bodies?

Continuing the theme of solving all the worlds health problems we also talked about a new way of getting stem cells to the brain – snorting them. It seems a bit gross, but then again having a hole drilled in your skull is hardly a walk in the park. Theoretically it could be used to restore damaged brain cells post-strokes and to cure Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

In Quote Unquote we looked at Stranger than Eviction, a very humorous blog that chronicles Gabe’s attempt to get his $500 deposit back from his landlord Gary. Gem’s favourite quotes include ‘Gabe/Coward, Your are evicted’ and ‘Gabe, I am not in jail’ but really the whole interaction is pretty entertaining.

just letting you know?

just letting you know?

In Factually Spurious we had a look at parapsychology – the study of  psychic abilities and life after death. surprisingly until quite recently it was considered a relatively legitimate science however the consensus of the scientific community (based on the fact that psychic abilities have not been shown to exist) is that parapsychology is a pseudoscience; a criticism that’s been thrown at other supposed sciences including water dowsing, astrology and psychology. But who asked those guys anyway?

We Played Songs Too!

‘You Sexy Thing’ by Hot Chocolate for Jake.

The full theme tune to ‘The Fresh Prince of Belair’  in honor of Willard Smith’s birthday, as Fresh Prince was undoubtedly his best performance to date*.

Other songs too, but Casey was in charge and he’s not here right now.

Lots of Love, Illuminati – Brad + Casey (to the power of Gem?).

*Maybe not.


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