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So we did a show and had Tran on. Playlist: Kraftwerk – Home Computer Brand New – Last Chance to Lose Your Keys New Found Glory – Don’t Let Her Pull You Down The Hives – Hate to Say I Told You So Morgoth – White Gallery Imminent Psychosis – Rigormortis (Live on Radio Adelaide) […]

Bazoogaloo, and figi. Greetings and welcome to a bumper blog entry for Break it Down with Marija Brooke and Joel. In media break down over the past few weeks, we’ve always relied on that currently insurmountable bastion of Hollywood wackiness, Kanye West. Thus, the Kanye Report. We’ve discussed the Swifty saga, the Kanye-Gaga tour and […]

Me and the Devil – Robert Johnson Memphis Blues – Duke Ellington Neo Jazz Set: Zoot Suit Riot – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies Hell – Squirrel Nut Zippers Istanbul (not Constantinople) – They Might Be Giants Brazil – Royal Crown Revue Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix Hey Guys, it’s late – I’m tired so I […]

Songs were played, mostly rather long (6 minutes!!!!!1one) tracks, but HOW AWESOME ARE STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO HOLY FUCK YO. Playlist: Streetlight Manifesto – A Better Place, A Better Time Remassacre – Beaten with a Blunt Edge Gallows for Grace – Purest Atrophy Brand New – Magazines Fountains of Wayne – Hey Julie Humonic – Branded Left […]

The merry men of Left, Right, and Centre returned for more radio hijinks this past week, deciding to, as always, tackle the pressing issues of the past week. This time around, the unendingly hilarious cases of Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize victory and Silvio Berlusconi in general were aired, making for, as Casey put it, […]

The Left, Right, and Centre minstrels returned for another hour of radio tomfoolery (all in moderation, of course!), ready to jive their way through the week in politics! Yes, indeed. Actually, the above was false, as, owing to a rather slow news week, the gentlemen opted to examine one issue not really in the news […]

So yeah. We played songs. And got confused when we couldn’t figure out who prank called us… o.O Playlist! Girl vs Ghost – Rain Tegan and Sara – Walking With The Ghost (So much better then the White Stripes cover version) Insurgents – Columbine Way Corrupters – Deadshit Lewin – Dammit (cover) The Smashing Pumpkins […]