– with Marija, Brooke and Joel


The G-forces were a blazing at full speed ahead for this week’s show.  The usual suspects, Media Breakdown and One or the Other,  featured as well as a dribs and drabs of some wonderful and not so wonderful music.

Hope you strapped yourselves in, as per our instruction, as we dished out a steaming hot pile of Media Breakdown news.  Here’s what was going on this week…


Devil Diva

Beyonce (featuring again on Media Breakdown) managed to upset Lindsay Lohan, of all people, during a performance at the F1 Rocks Concert in Singapore.
Beyonce ordered her entourage to secure her the largest backstage dressing area, but unfortunately LiLo, who was hosting the event, had already claimed it for herself.
Poor Beyonce? No way. Her crew ordered Lindsay out, and the poor thing had to pack her things and find some other place to hang.

Daggers for Lindsay?
Daggers for Lindsay?

 Other reports are also telling us that Beyonce’s posse also caused a kerfuffle backstage when they refused to switch on the airconditioning fans.  Apparently, despite the 33 degree temperatures, the fans were reserved for Beyonce and considering she didn’t want them on, they were to stay off. Other performers backstage, including B’s own dancers, were suffering in their own sweat while they waited to perform. Another guest, a British DJ, fainted from heat stroke.

Now while we’ve always thought of Beyonce as one of the more “normal” stars,  it seems she has a tendancy to act the Diva. When she travels,  her venues are issued with 139 page documents outlining her needs and demands for her performances.  In her recent tour of Australia, she supposedly demanded 6 beauty chambers, fitness equipment, an authentic fruit platter and tea with honey. Word on the street is that she also demands the backstage areas to be painted in white. Adelaide entertainment centre has refused to comment on these claims – so it must be true.


Foxtel Revamp

Pay-TV customers are set to see some changes. The 1st of October marks the beginning of new developments in Australia’s cable TV networks.

Foxtel has announced a series on TV stations to be broadcast, a switch to high definition digital for many existing channels and the launch of 8 new TimeShift channels. Apparently, these will partner the existing stations, broadcasting the same programmes on a 2 hour delay.

By November 15, 30 new channels will be in operation.


Vegemite’s jarred with customers

New snack or Apple's latest gadget?

New snack or Apple's latest gadget?


The new cheese and vegemite concoction from Kraft has finally been christened.  A nation-wide competition to find a new name for the second generation of vegemite provided the new title for the not so classic Aussie snack. iSnack 2.0. Dean Robbins, the winner of Kraft’s naming competition is a Western Australian web designer (surprise surprise!)

The Australian public reeeeeeally dislike the new name so Kraft is re-launching the naming competition hoping to get a new, more likeable name. Dean is currently holidaying in Bali and can’t be contacted for comment.


Lucy in the heavens


Lucy Vodden - immortalised in song

Lucy Vodden - immortalised in song

The girl who was the muse for the Beatles’ hit song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds has died at the age of 46 from autoimmune disease Lupus. Many fans believed that the song was a reference to the popular drug LSD but it was actually John Lennon’s son Julian who brought home the idea. As a youngster he drew a picture of his best friend Lucy, in the sky with Diamonds. The rest is history!


Ben’s Bouncing Baby

Singer Ben Lee has announced the birth of his first child –  a girl. Her name? Goldie Priya Lee.
Watch out for Ben in an upcoming episode of Neighbours.


Double Act

Where all aspiring actors get their break...

Where all aspiring actors get their break...

Speaking of celebrities on Neighbours. Lily Allen has decided to make the switch to acting. The singer’s announced that she’ll be putting her music career temporarily on hold, while she tries her hand at the performing arts.


HUGE Day Out

Despite her foray into acting, Lily Allen with still be performing at the 2010 Big Day Out. The first lineup announcement was made and Tuesday and we’ve got the details!

If you want to check out the full lineup so far, click here.

Otherwise here are just some (nearly all) of the headlining acts. We’re excited!

Grinspoon, Powderfinger, Muse, Calvin Harris, Dizzy Rascal, Ladyhawke, Kisschasey, Eskimo Joe, The Midnight Juggernauts, Lisa Mitchell, Blue Juice… and SO MANY MORE!


Kanye and Gaga Kill

They're both gaga

What would Media Breakdown be without our usual dose of weird – this week (again) starring Kanye. And what would weird be without its first Lady – Lady Gaga, of course? The two artists have released a controversial video to promote their upcoming joint “Fame Kills” tour of North America. It’s been posted on Kanye’s website under the title “Where have all the rockstars gone? The fame killed them.”
We’ll let you guys decide what you think….


And that’s the Breakdown for another week 🙂


Of course, One or the Other provided plenty of comic relief; whilst drilling Marija and Joel with those hard-hitting questions.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for your chance to play at home. We’ll post the questions so you too, can stop and have a think about some of life’s mysteries.


Finally, there was some music – not all of it great. Here are the track listings for the last day of September (Brooke couldn’t wait to “pinch and a punch for the first day of the month” Joel.

Wanna Be Starting SomethingAkon
Miss Murder
Tears Dry On Their OwnAmy Winehouse
Mr WendelArrested Development
Love StoryTaylor “Swifty” Swift (seeing as she wasn’t in the news this week, we found another way for her to feature her on the show)
In LoveThe Beautiful Girls
RapsongThe Black Eyed Peas
LifeDes’ree (this is the epitome of failed lyrics)
Fit But Don’t You Know ItThe Streets
Niska Banja –  Someone from Serbia (this song has been sitting on our computer since the beginning of Student Radio and we don’t know why. We’ve never done anything with it… UNTIL NOW!)

That’s it for another week. We’ll see you for more adventures in the not too distant future!


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