Left, Right, and Centre: Dickin’ Around (30/09/09)


Community radio’s favourite ragamuffins returned once more to inject a little colour into all your monochrome lives. This episode also featured lots of inappropriate, tut-inducing sex jokes. The word penis was used, and Tim was not happy. Alongside the smut was Rapid Fire News, Gameshow, and even a discussion of auteur/pederast Roman “Roamin’” Polanski to needlessly serious things up.

Roamin’ Roman
Really-quite-good film director Roman Polanski (of Chinatown fame) did a very bad thing with a 13-year-old girl in 1977. Like all folk, he was permitted to stand trial for his wrongdoings. However, the terms of his plea bargain meant his charges were reduced (from rape et al; not nice really) to engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Also part of the bargain was a 90-day psychiatric evaluation, which Polanski didn’t like the sound of. So he buggered off, fleeing the United States and possible incarceration and ending up in France, which, true to form, turned up their collective noses at American efforts to extradite him.

Hearing of Polanski’s travel plans, U.S. authorities laid the groundwork for his arrest with their Swiss counterparts, nabbing him on September 26. In response, the Foreign Ministers of both France and Poland (Polanski is a citizen of both) urged Switzerland to release him, lest he be brought to belated justice. Each cited Polanski’s significant contributions to film and the amount of time between the crime and his eventual arrest. Note however that since these initial pleas, France has retracted its demand and Poland (obviously impervious to double standards) is in the midst of passing legislation enforcing the chemical castration of paedophiles (N.B. presumably film directors are exempt from this).

So… the LRC chaps decided to tackle the issue head on, discussing whether we should all face equality before the law or whether concessions should be made, and the true purpose of incarceration. Nice.

The joy that is SupeRFN (geddit?)

For the umpteenth consecutive week, it happened. Casey did a very poor job coordinating it all so the entire thing descended into farce, really. This is also where the ‘penis’/’ejaculation’ couplet happened. Regrettably – we hold ourselves to higher standards on Student Radio (also, you should totes be a part of it next year, but pray that Casey is a better SR director than Gameshow coordinator).


  • Lisztomania, by exciting new French band Phoenix (keep an eye out, we think these guys may just make it)
  • Angela, by exciting verging-on-middle-aged-Britpopper Jarvis Cocker, in a nod to Angela Merkel’s re-election as German Chancellor. Also, Mr. Cocker is playing on the 10th of December at… HQ. Chris may be there, just in case you weren’t convinced yet.
  • 10 A.M. Automatic, by not-as-good-as-the-White-Stripes-but-still-quite-good Black Keys.
  • Two Weeks, by animal lovers Grizzly Bear, from the unpronounceable Veckatimest.
  • Suzanne, by Leonard Cohen. Because he’s ace, and we all (i.e. Tim and Mateo) hope he makes a speedy recovery from his recent on-stage collapse.


We’re busy young men on Left, Right, and Centre, and sometimes, in amongst all our japery, important things don’t happen. Even if they maybe should. There were well-laid plans to have ‘a bit of a chat’ about Jessica Watson, the 16-year-old with big ideas of sailing around the world by herself. OF ALL TIME. Uh, sorry. Essentially, just like smoking and being home alone, parents (in this case the Queensland government) are a little uncomfortable with the idea, insisting she’s a bit young (wonder what Roman wou… no, staying well away from that). The discussion would have been enlightened, educated, funny, and sensual in the bargain. Damn you, 1-hour program limit!!

You should. Tax deductible is the same as free, right?

‘Til next time, lovelies

~ The Left, Right, and Centre collective


One Response to “Left, Right, and Centre: Dickin’ Around (30/09/09)”

  1. 1 Ash

    I’m not trying to start a fight or anything here because I do actually like LR&C, but I have to point a few things out. For all the grief (that is, some small amount) that Tim gives BMJ about stealing your ideas, we had the news about the guy suing the bank, and the pigeons being banned LAST WEEK.
    Also, I do hope Phoenix make it because they are quite awesome, but that song is from their FOURTH album, so they’re hardly new.
    Black Keys are good.
    I love Leonard Cohen.
    That’s all.

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