Illuminati – keeping it below 30°.


Hey Hey it’s politically correct media!

This week Gem and Brad patted themselves on the back for team Adelaide’s achievements in the scientific field: we might have cured cancer and have worked out one mighty efficient way of locating gold. Brad made room for the Eigenharp by sending away the Lamington and praised vitamin C T-shirts. Both discussed the merits of theories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle and played some music.

Song Time!

‘Ya Said Ya Loved Me’ by Juke Baritone because nothing’s as rocking as some heartbroken gypsies.

‘Some Kind of Aid’ by The Solomons because we hadn’t heard them before.

‘Son of A Preacher Man’ from Joss Stone because it’s an excellent song and she’s an excellent lady.

‘Feeling Good’ from Nina Simone for similar reasons to above.

‘Katchafire’ from Collie Herbman because everyone loves some stereotypical reggae.

‘Anchor’ from The National Living Treasures’ because they’re local and we like ’em.

‘Avocado Sandwich’ from The art Therapists, because they’re local and we love them and they’re playing at the Grace Emily every friday night all month, get into ’em.

What’s that? You wanted me to elaborate? Well you should have listened, shouldn’t you? (yes). Perhaps next week?

Lots of love , Illuminati.


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