Break it Down – Lewin, Bryce, and a flock of Pidgeons


Songs were played, mostly rather long (6 minutes!!!!!1one) tracks, but HOW AWESOME ARE STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO HOLY FUCK YO.

Streetlight Manifesto – A Better Place, A Better Time
Remassacre – Beaten with a Blunt Edge
Gallows for Grace – Purest Atrophy
Brand New – Magazines
Fountains of Wayne – Hey Julie
Humonic – Branded Left Handed
Blood Mason – Reflections of a Future Past
Jebediah – Animal
The Decemberists – Sixteen Military Wives
Arcadia – Gone Forever
Lily Allen – Not Fair

Gig Guide:
Month Day Date Type Bands Venue Time Cost Age
October Friday 23 Hardcore Craterface Enigma Bar 8pm $8 18+
punk Prisonbitch
The Weight
No Action (Ex-Snake Run and -Guerilla Monsoon)
Saturday 24 Elizapalooza SHITLOADS NSS 2pm $35 Lic A/A
Saturday 24 “Metal 4 Blood Mason Fowler’s Live 6:30 $12 Lic A/A
Relief” Imminent Psychosis
(all proceeds Mammoth
to Canteen) Desert Eagle
Obsidian Aspect
Troops of Doom (Sepultura coverband)
Saturday 24 Glam/heavy Blacknail Squatter’s Arms 8:30 Lic A/A
metal Glamville
Almost Numan
Sunday 25 Hardcore A Dead Silence Squatter’s Arms 12pm Free A/A
Audrey in Danger
Silence Screams Murder
A Perfect Smile
Today Earth Died
For Grace
Friday 30 Thrash Imminent Psychosis Enigma Bar 8:30 $12 18+
In Malice’s Wake (Vic)
Deafening Silence
Hesitate & Die
Friday 30 Overthrow ’09 Abandon All Hope Fowler’s Live 7pm $15 Lic A/A
(hardcore) Broken Scarlet
Jack the Giant Killer
Dream on, Dreamer (Vic)
Chelsea Smile (NSW)
Saturday 31 “Halloween Jack the Giant Killer Fowler’s Live 5:30 $15 Lic A/A
Slaughter In the Burial
Fest” Among the Devoured
(deathcore) The Ophidian Ascension
Orphans of the Sky
Lake Nyos
A Dead Silence
Saturday 31 Experimental Fear Before (US) Unibar 7pm A/A
This City Sunrise Moshtix
Quiet Child
Day on Fire
Secrets in Scale
November Tuesday 3 Death Metal Arch Enemy (Swe) Fowler’s Live ~$80 Lic A/A
Suffocation (US)
Truth Corroded

So yiaaaaaaaaah. WE PLAYED SOME TRAX AND WE IS GETTIN’ removed from the radio in only a few more weeks so if you wanna hear moar of us then you’re gonna have to keep hitting Tuesdays at 11 until we’re gone.

Unfortunately not forever yours,
Lewin & Bryce


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