Break It Down with Marija, Brooke and Joel. BUMPER POST.


Bazoogaloo, and figi. Greetings and welcome to a bumper blog entry for Break it Down with Marija Brooke and Joel.

In media break down over the past few weeks, we’ve always relied on that currently insurmountable bastion of Hollywood wackiness, Kanye West. Thus, the Kanye Report.

We’ve discussed the Swifty saga, the Kanye-Gaga tour and its subsequent demise, however last week on the Kanye Report it was all about a odd little arthouse-esque short film Kanye posted on his website The video was a collaboration with Spike Jonze, whose film Where the Wild Things Are was released recently. Jonze’s affinity for the wild things is on full display in the Kanye short film entitled We Were Once a Fairytale. The video depicts Kanye stumbling around a discotheque in a drunken stupor before getting jiggy with some biach from the club. Kanye then locates the bathroom before slashing open his stomach Holly Mountain style, and pulling out a small rodent, who in turn uses a miniature dagger provided by Kanye to kill itself. Symbolism? Inner-demons? The video was recently pulled from Kanye’s site with an explanatory note stating ‘SORRY I HAD TO TAKE IT DOWN’ 😦 . 😦 indeed.


Big Day Out tickets have sold out. Last week it was announced that the last available tickets to the Adelaide show had been snapped up. There are still however tickets available for purchase – if you want to fly over to New Zealand for your big day out.


Virginia Triloi, who viewers might have seen on ABC favs such as Sunday Arts and Lateline, was caught out recently in a hilariously candid on air moment. After footage was shown of Barnaby Joyce discussing the emission trading scheme, Trioli briefly appeared on the screen gesturing in such a way that implied Joycey boy was crazy. The presenter was seen whirling her finger beside her temple, and rolling her eyes, before swiftly commencing an interview once she realised it was all on air. Media Watch suggested that Trioli was signalling for the story to end to allow for the subsequent live interview. We highly recommend this video for viewing, to propel it toward viral video status.


For those of you who haven’t heard about the whole flying saucer boy scandal here is the condensed version. Recently the media was fascinated with the story of the Henne family. This average American family, was like any other, except it was constructing a giant flying saucer in its back yard. When the balloon escaped from their yard, they suspected that their son, Falcon was on board. The parents were relieved to “learn” that their son was not aboard the Millennium Falcon and was actually hiding in their garage. Later during a live television interview, Falcon was asked why he didn’t appear from his hiding place after his parents were calling out to him. He responded by effectively explaining that it would have destroyed the elaborate hoax that his parents were constructing, and it was all for a show. The Henne family were thus revealed to have been fraudsters, although the denials continued. Old footage from an episode of Wife Swap, in which the Henne family appears, surfaced. In the program, Mr. and Mrs. Henne explain that they believe they are descended from aliens. Case closed.


Aria nominations were released. ACDC scooped four nominations for their new album ‘Black Ice’ and Jessica Mauboy lead the pack with a whopping seven nominations, Other nominees include Empire of The Sun, Eskimo Joe, Ladyhawke, Hilltop Hoods, Lisa Mitchell, Kate Miller-Heidke, and Sarah Blasko. Ladyhawke’s appearance has been cast into doubt, as it has been highlighted that she has not resided in Australia for the past year during the nomination period, and thus falls short of the technical requirements of Aria eligibility. The Arias are being held on November 27 in Sydney.

Parklife 2009

Parklife 2009 hit Adelaide recently with Mstrkrft, Little Boots, Bertie Blackman, Metric, The Rapture, and Empire of the Sun making appearances. As is tradition, there was more fluro than a hollering of construction workers building an unnecessarily oversized set of highlighters. Glow sticks were flying. So anticipated were the performers, people impatiently pissed behind and off of, but not actually in portable toilets. This year the general trend toward dance rock was reflected in the line-up with bands such as The Rapture and Metric. The Rapture played an amazing set, and I must say they were my favourite act of the day. The big disappointment was of course La Roux, and their last minute cancellation. Scattered around the venue were flimsy A4 signs informing revellers that La Roux wasn’t to perform due to lead singer Eleanor Jackson’s tonsillitis. I, like many was devo to hear this, but everyone just flocked to Mstrkrft. I hope Eleanor gets well soon, and is able to hurry back to Adelaide and play a show.

Greg Norman

Greg Norman announced that he and his wife of 165 months are separating. An announcement on their divorce is still pending :(. Ahead of the golf tour the shark has refused to comment on the proceedings :(.


Adelaide is buzzing with the latest political scandal novelty that might possibly assume the name of Ranngate. The premier was at a function at a the wine centre when a patron of another function area entered the hall, brandishing a rolled-up magazine yelling that the premier ruined his wife’s life and then proceeded to bash him over the hear with said magazine. Some other guests at the $600 per head dinner forced the man into a headlock and held him on the floor until the police arrived. It has recently been revealed that some sort of relationship between Mike Rann and the man’s ex-wife did exist. We feel the deets will soon leak out thus warranting the Ranngate moniker.

“Poo” Magazine

Zoo magazine has released their 4th annual most hated list. Topping the list….Kyle Sandilands. Followed by Jacki O. Kyle and Jacki beat out the likes of Austrian dungeon rapist dad Josef Fritzl, opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull, new Aus Idol judge JD Springbett and… Kanye West. Rounding out the 50 was Dean Robbins, the man responsible for unleashing the wildly unpopular iSnack 2.0 name for identity crisis vegemite (we do feel though that one can really blame that guy for the stupidity of the entire marketing department at Kraft). Also featuring on the list were “Mexicans” (feels a little bit racist), Lady Gaga, and a female tennis player who had a breast reduction….how dare she!

One or the other yo.

In one or the other, we’ve been covering all the good shit – dictatorships vs democracies, sexual preferences, humorous locomotive incidents, ingesting metallic objects. Be sure to tune in next Wednesday night 11-12 to hear us discussing ridiculous hypothetical scenarios and their tangents.

Playlist for Last Wednesday

Talk Like That – The Presets
Go with the Flow – Queens of the Stoneage
Aisles of White – The Butterfly effect
No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand
Gotta Get Through This – Daniel Bettingfield

Some other tracks heard recently on the show

Fader – The Temper Trap
Ghosts Deadmau5
The Mixed Tape – Jack’s Mannequin
Dice – Finley Quaye and William Orbit
I’m Good, I’m Gone – Lykke Li
Dead End – Whitest Boy Alive
Heartbreaker – Metronomy
Gifted – NASA feat. Kanye West, Santagold, and Lykke Li
PAtins – CSS
Debbie – Architecture in Helsinki
Daniel – Bat for Lashes


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