Break it Down with Lewin, Bryce and… Tran? 27 October 2009


So we did a show and had Tran on.

Kraftwerk – Home Computer
Brand New – Last Chance to Lose Your Keys
New Found Glory – Don’t Let Her Pull You Down
The Hives – Hate to Say I Told You So
Morgoth – White Gallery
Imminent Psychosis – Rigormortis (Live on Radio Adelaide)
In Malices Wake – Eternal Nightfall
Streetlight Manifesto – A Moment of Silence
Intended Victim – Light From A Frozen Grave
Band of Horses – The Funeral
Moth – Revolution
Daft Punk – Something About Us

Gig guide:
Friday, October 30th
Imminent Psychosis, In Malices Wake (Vic), Deafening Silence, Hesitate and Die
Enigma Bar, 8:30, $12, 18+
OVERTHROW ’09: Abandon All Hope, Broken Scarlet, Jack the Giant Killer, Dream on,
Dreamer (Vic), Chelsea Smile (NSW), Daybreak
Fowler’s Live, 7pm, $15, Lic A/A

Saturday, October 31st
HALLOWEEN SLAUGHTER FEST: Jack the Giant Killer, In the Burial, Among the Devoured, The Ophidian Ascension, Orphans of the Sky, Lake Nyos, F.I.T.H., A Dead Silence
Fowler’s Live, 5:30pm, $15, Lic A/A
Fear Before (US), This City Sunrise, Quiet Child, Day on Fire, Secrets in Scale
Unibar, 7pm, A/A, tickets through Moshtix

Tuesday, November 3rd
Arch Enemy (Swe), Suffocation (US), Truth Corroded
Fowler’s Live, ~$80, Lic A/A

Saturday, November 6th
Truth Corroded, Nessun Dorma, Dogs with Bees in their Mouths, A.M.O.C.
Enigma Bar, 9pm, $8, 18+
Gold Kids (Italy), Ghosttown (NSW), Craterface, Jack the Giant Killer
Enigma Bar, 7:30pm, $16, Lic A/A

November 21st: Obituary (US)
December 9th: Dream Theatre (US)
December 16th: Lamb of God (US), Devildriver (US) and Shadows Fall (US)
December 26th: Summer Rage Fest

So come back next week for another show seeing as we’re running out! And more prizes coming up in our last show ever in a few weeks. Cuz we like to share the love. and music. and signed studio notes. but not colds or flu.



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