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The good ship Left, Right, and Centre made its final boarding call this week. “NO!” you cry. “Actually, yeah” say Adelaide University Student Radio. But you know, maybe it’s ok. Maybe we’ll be strong, and there’ll be no tears. Maybe our lips won’t quiver, and we’ll wake up and resume our little lives. Or maybe […]

So it’s a sad goodbye from Lewin and Bryce! You had us for a year and maybe you loved us! Maybe you hated us! As long as we made you feel something, we think we’ve done our job. The future is uncertain but what is clear is that Lewin and Bryce won’t be returning in […]

Greetings, fellow Shelbyvilleans! Welcome to the part where you read about the radio show that you (hopefully, otherwise shame on you) listened to. But this was not just any episode of student radio flagship Left, Right, and Centre, no no. Casey and Tim were off eating and weeping, as well as studying for exams, so […]

SO IT WAS OUR SECOND TO LAST SHOW! And fate knew we were ripe for the picking – it gave us all the studio problems it could. (So like we couldn’t play MP3s so we had to record them all to Digital Audio tape (which is really fun!) because we had no CD-Rs, and then […]

The rosy-faced Left, Right, and Centre cherubs returned, putting on brave faces even though the prospect of soon being unceremoniously removed from the airwaves makes them sad little Vegemites. Sad little Vegemites crying salty, yeasty tears. On this week’s show: Chk Chk Boom girl! News Corp! The death penalty! A man dressed as a breathalyser […]

So we pretty much trashed the place. Sorry guys. At least we’re always here when you need us? We gave away candy to a lucky guy and some awesome Lewin, Evan and Ashley memorabilia. Check out the playlist, yo: Okay so I put the studio notes in the prize and now I can’t remember what […]

So I gave Tran a random nickname to fit in around here, while Bryce is in Alaska collecting oil revenue, by selling the grease in his hair. Okay that’s a lie his hair is REALLY clean. We played some songs and you’re here because you want to know which ones. Playlist: Brand New – The […]