Break it Down – ROCKY LEWIN BRYCER SHOW – 3rd November



So yeah, playlist? YOU BETCHA!

New Found Glory – Truck Stop Blues
Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
Daddy Cool – Hi Honey Ho
The Loved Ones – The Loverly Car
Spoon – The Underdog
Brand New – Jaws Theme Swimming
Suffocation – Jesus Wept
Gold Kids – Winter 365 Days A Year
Styx – I Am The Walrus (Beatles Cover)
Cathedral – Fire (Arthur Brown cover)
Circle Takes the Square – Houdini Logic
Trash80 – Missing You
Streetlight Manifesto – One Foot On The Gas and One Foot In The Grave

And the giiiiig guide!
Saturday, November 6th
Truth Corroded, Nessun Dorma, Dogs with Bees in their Mouths, A.M.O.C.
Enigma Bar, 9pm, $8, 18+
Gold Kids (Italy), Ghosttown (NSW), Craterface, Jack the Giant Killer
Enigma Bar, 7:30pm, $16, Lic A/A

Sunday, November 7th
The Battery Kids (“Ancient Curse” single launch), Carnation
The Ed Castle

Friday, November 13th
Art in Exile (CDL), In the Burial, Wasted Elegance, Satoria

Saturday, November 14th
The Fuck Machine, Hybrid Illusion, The Rape, Splattergasm, Deathbringer
Northern Sound Systems, 7pm, $10, Lic A/A
Dreadnaught, Skintilla, Se Bon Ki Ra, Insidian, Killing Pigeons
Raiders Football Club, 7pm, $15, Lic A/A
Infiltraitor, Far West Battlefront, Atlanta Takes State, The Nerve
The Underground, 7pm, $10, A/A
Corrupters + more TBA
Squatter’s Arms, Lic A/A

Sunday, November 15th (part of the Feast Festival)
Legless + guests
Higher Ground, 8pm, $12

November 21st: Obituary (US)
November 25th: The Acacia Strain (US)
December 9th: Dream Theatre (US)
December 16th: Lamb of God (US), Devildriver (US) and Shadows Fall (US)
December 26th: Summer Rage Fest


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