Left, Right, and Centre: Episode 37 – “I do like politics, I find politics very interesting”


The rosy-faced Left, Right, and Centre cherubs returned, putting on brave faces even though the prospect of soon being unceremoniously removed from the airwaves makes them sad little Vegemites. Sad little Vegemites crying salty, yeasty tears. On this week’s show: Chk Chk Boom girl! News Corp! The death penalty! A man dressed as a breathalyser arrested for drink driving! Plus regular favourites (minus the mysterious appearance of the LRC mystery contributor) RFN and Gameshow. Oh, and did someone say “prizes”? No? YES!

Chk Chk BOOM and politics in the same sentence?

In news that perhaps that doesn’t come as much of a surprise, Clare Werbeloff, the ‘celebrity’ who introduced the term ‘Chk Chk BOOM!’ into Australian hearts and minds, has been asked by “lads’ mag” (some euphemism) Zoo Weekly to stand for the N.S.W. seat of Bradfield, known to some as the seat of former Liberal leader, Dr. Brendan Nelson. A by-election for the seat will be held on December 5 (just 3 days before Mateo’s birthday, YAY!) but Werebeloff, much like Warwick Capper earlier in the year, won’t be contesting. However, unlike Capper, Werbeloff’s non-participation won’t be the result of a forgetting to register before the electoral deadline. Rather, says the woman herself, “I don’t think the time is right for me step into that arena”. Aww. Keep trying, Zoo!

The Death Penalty debate

The catalyst for this somewhat heated discussion was the recent execution of John Allen Muhammad, chief perpetrator of the frankly terrifying Washington sniper attacks in 2002. Public support for the death penalty in Australia has long been somewhat ambiguous and both major political parties oppose it, the issue is more complex (and arguably more emotive) in the United States, where it is mandated by the states, not federally. The team went through arguments for and against the death penalty, with Chris and Tim playing devil’s advocate(s) to Casey and Mateo.

P.S.: hideous bias with no pretensions to impartiality. It’s bad, kids.

Media moguls gone wild!!

Global media overlord and all-around nice guy Rupert Murdoch has a plan. One which seems silly at first glance, but then presumably he didn’t get to using gold bars as paperweights by making silly plans. Rupert is unhappy with Google – perhaps the only media company more powerful than his, and certainly the only sandal-wearers in the world more powerful than him (unless the Dalai Lama wears sandals) – because he thinks they’re stealing what’s rightfully his. In response, Rupie has made it clear that he has intentions to block the search engine from listing his company’s content “when we [News Corp] start charging”.

Defending his intentions, Ol’ Rupe said, “it costs us a lot of money to put together good newspapers and good content” (then surely they aren’t paying much…? OH NO YOU DI-EN’T). Although the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal already has in place a user-pays subscription model, Rupie Rupe said last week that his goal of erecting pay walls around his media empire by next June are being delayed by “everything”.

Rupert ‘Danger’ Murdoch also believes that fair use is illegal and that the right court case could strike it down. Um, ok, R. So, as is their wont, the LRC boffins knocked heads and asked: folly or foible?

The Rapidest Firing News this side of stories about gun violence

Drunk clown nabbed after crash

Cannonball through house

Wheelchair user, 92, arrested for smuggling coke

Library complains of crossed-out curses

Customs nab man with pythons taped to body in Norway

Brazil man appears at own funeral

Man dressed as breathalyser arrested for drink-driving

Baguette dropped from bird’s beak shuts down the Large Hadron Collider (really)


Yes, this week we gave away a mug, with monochrome pictures of two cats on. With handle and everything! Oh, and could someone please take the 25 litre bag of potting mix from the station? We don’t know what to do with it.


There were some. Namely:

Your Forget So Easily, by great unsigned U.K. band Exlovers.

We Used To Vacation, by the Cold War Kids.

A Little Soul, by Pulp, who just can’t fit shoes that fit.

What’s Going On, by Marvin Gaye (legend).

That was all! The blog never quite recaptures the magic of the live show, so be sure to tune in at midnight on Tuesdays/Wednesdays. Only on Radio Adelaide, 101.5fm.

And subscribe, suckers.


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