Left, Right, and Centre: Episode 38 – Emmanuel’s first time, and our second last


Greetings, fellow Shelbyvilleans! Welcome to the part where you read about the radio show that you (hopefully, otherwise shame on you) listened to. But this was not just any episode of student radio flagship Left, Right, and Centre, no no. Casey and Tim were off eating and weeping, as well as studying for exams, so the stalwarts that are Chris and Mateo were joined by self-professed “radio virgin” Emmanuel. And, as is typically the case for a first time, there was some awkward fumbling, some silence, and some technical difficulties (what?). But we occasionally stopped riffing on it being Emmanuel’s first time to speak seriously about some serious things. Seriously.

Schools unite against ranking website!!

The Rudd government has a dream. That dream? To provide good quality education, and to make it available to all. Pretty good, right? Maybe not worth a revolution, but a good idea nonetheless. So will that goal be helped by their plans to publish comprehensive school testing results online? The government wants the program, called “myschool” (hmm), to be operational by next year, but critics are concerned it will create school league tables by proxy. The government rejects this in no uncertain terms and insists that the program will give parents the most comprehensive education information available. The plan is to also publish demographic statistics, such as student and teacher numbers, as well as attendance rates.

However, there is no small level of consternation when it comes to the government’s use of N.A.P.L.A.N. (national assessment of literacy and numeracy) testing information to compare schools with similar student bodies. The company that created the N.A.P.L.A.N. test has declared repeatedly that the tests are not designed for such a rivalrous purpose, instead insisting they are meant to compare the achievements of individual students against national standards and against students in other states and countries.

So we went around the panel (remember, 3 this week and not 4) and asked will this further turn the education sector into a competitive one? Will it exacerbate existing inequalities, even between state schools? Should the information be published, and if so, should it instead be used for other purposes? Are parents actually being given new information? Et cetera.

Restaurants rail against critical critic!!

Food critic and MasterChef host (the veracity of one of these two things is in question) Matthew Evans is being sued for defamation. Why, you ask? Well, let us tell you. It was because of a stinging review he wrote about Coco Roco restaurant in Sydney (seriously, with a name like that…) that closed down 6 months later, allegedly in part due to the review. The September 2003 review, published in the Sydney Mornign Herald, which is also being sued, called the dishes “unpalatable” and the overall value a “shocker”, eventually ranking it a 9/20, in the “stay home” category. The restaurant closed in March 2004.

Under cross-examination in the NSW Supreme Court, Evans said that while he believed a bad review could have some negative impact on a restaurant, it cannot in and of itself cause its demise. Evans still stands by his opinion that “most restaurants in this country still serve crap food”, and that while he tried to remain objective, his opinions were, by definition, subjective. The article has already been found to contain 3 defamatory meanings.

So Emmanuel put on his law student hat, and naturally there followed a discussion about what are the limits of legitimate criticism, and at what point it becomes harmful to others. There is also the question of whether Evans was at least partially responsible for the failure of Coco Roco (seriously…), and the problems of establishing truth from subjectivity. Because it’s not defamation if it’s true.

Rapid Fire News (for the penultimate time… *tears up*)

Respect: Putin goes gangsta at rap contest

Spanish ‘self love’ lessons row

Noisy British lover loses sex appeal

‘Unfriend’ is word of the year (N.B. – Tim seems to say that only the U.K. Oxford English Dictionary is inarguable. To that, we say ‘bollocks’ and ‘pish posh’)

School library books returned – 51 years late

1.5lb of nails removed from stomach of human ‘hardware store’ (good God)

Woman passes driving test after 950 tries

Women tricked into sex by ‘medical condition’ man

How amusingly smutty.


Let’s Go Surfing, by Florida beachcombers the Drums.

Marrow, by St. Vincent the automaton.

Welcome to Jamrock, a little diversity brought to us by Emmanuel and Damien Marley.

Oxford Comma, by decidedly middle-class Vampire Weekend.

And to finish off, Slow Dance by John Legend.




So that was that! What fun we have. Big ups to Emmanuel for joining us, and to Casey and Tim for not. We’ll be back next week, for the final time, but in the mean time, don’t forget to subscribe, as well as check out the amazing stuff on offer at the yearly RadAd C.D. and book sale, on Friday December 4 (doors open at 10am). So come down to the station at 228 North Terrace for some bargains, some fun, and the chance to meet your Left, Right, and Centre idols. Oh, we also asked what we would do with AU$452 million. Well?

Peace, dudes. Keep it real.





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  1. i think people focus way too much on test results, when in reality to survive in the real world you have to have lots of guts, determination and emotional intelligence

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