The Very Last Lewin and Bryce it Down… uh I mean Break it Down…


So it’s a sad goodbye from Lewin and Bryce! You had us for a year and maybe you loved us! Maybe you hated us! As long as we made you feel something, we think we’ve done our job.

The future is uncertain but what is clear is that Lewin and Bryce won’t be returning in 2010 (though you probably weren’t wondering that.)

So we wrapped it all up with an interview with Jaryd from Skintilla and had our 2009, thusly listed!

Best Cover of 2009: Lewin chose Single Ladies by the Pigs and completely failed to play a Katy Perry cover as a joke. Bryce chose Truth Corroded covering Double Dragon’s Like Nails, and like, yeaaaaah.

Best Looking Album Sent In To Us This Year: Attack of the Jackards (in Terrorscope!) , by The Jackards from Perth sent us an awesome album with a dinosaur on it!

Best song/Best Album: Lewin predictably chose Children Collide’s album The Long Now, and picked Marie Marie Pt 2 as his best song of 2009.

Best Gimmick: Bryce picked local facial-hair farmers The Beards, playing their track No Beard, No Good. I picked The Scare, with their lead vocalist’s semen-stained T-shirt, confirming that he is indeed, a wanker. (Nah seriously dude, you’re probably a really nice guy, but like, get it? Wanker? Cum stains? Yeah. Had to go there. Sorry.) Bryce claims it may have been inadvertant, but nobody rocks up on stage with a black shirt with white stains inadvertandly. The German army didn’t just go out for a stroll and find the Polish border and think that it might be nice to see what the Poles were up to. It was planned, I tell ya.

Best New Artist of 2009: Lewin, egotistical as he is, under the name My Dreams Left Destroyed, played one of his own tracks, This Bloody Mess. Bryce, however, couldn’t resist the chance for revenge for every Katy Perry song I ever played. The conspiracy goes all the way to the top… or as high as the show after ours, anyway, with Left, Right, and Centre panelists planning my demise. Bryce played Every Hole Sewn Shut by his own band, Splattergasm, and picked Defamer as his own best new artist of 2009.

Best Local Release: Arcadia, for Bryce, and The Touch for me, with their song Froth Party.

Top International/Interstate gig: Lewin chose Children Collide, AGAIN, but played Veins of Truth or something by Moredhel who he saw in “2009”. Bryce, who’d actually seen some more bands, chose Aborted at the Summer Slaughter Fest and played their track, Meticulous Invagination.

Top Local Gig: Bryce chose Against the Grain V, Lewin chose local indie upstart The Aves. No tracks were played cuz, seriously, how much can you fit in an hour?

Worst Band Name: Lewin expressed exasperation at Bryce’s choice to play Cuntscrape 5 minutes into the first show, while Bryce considered 30H!3 to be preposterous.

Worst Month: Lewin just thought November was kinda shit.

Oh, yeah. And Jaryd talked about Skintilla, who definitely plan to come up with a new album.

They’re playing two gigs at least, next year –

 16th January, Higher Ground, “Theatre of Metal”


Sometime in January, in Queensland, somewhere

…oh, and also

Saturday, February 20th, Bridgeway Hotel with RCW Wrestling.

And yeah, so liek… we’re done for the year. We had fun. We know that at least four people have listened to our show, based on phone calls, and so we think that it’s great that people thought we were half-decent enough to listen to! We’re gonna miss being able to tell people we’re on radio and brag about our panelling skills and how random Perth bands keep sending us CDs.

It’s been great Adelaide.


Lewin and Bryce.





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