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Me and the Devil – Robert Johnson Memphis Blues – Duke Ellington Neo Jazz Set: Zoot Suit Riot – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies Hell – Squirrel Nut Zippers Istanbul (not Constantinople) – They Might Be Giants Brazil – Royal Crown Revue Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix Hey Guys, it’s late – I’m tired so I […]

JUSTIN HAS MONKEY PYJAMA PANTS! Guess who’s jealous of that? The show revealed that all three boys put Bowie in their top five songs somewhere,  that Justin is a star wars nerd, and sometimes if you’re in the mood for Sting, you get Eric Clapton for free. So basically we had some pretty awesome music […]

Adam Ash and a very sleepy Justin. Biscuits. Vegemite and the now-unnamed yeast extract and cream cheese spread. These things are awesome enough to go beyond the need for petty things like sentence structure. We also had some music, including a couple of french tracks that Ash can’t stop listening to. Weary Blues – Sidney […]

A whole show of just Justin and Ash? Did it make you laugh? Did it make you cry? We don’t know, because noone rang us. Maybe noone was listening. Maybe you were all just stunned into silence by our sheer awesomeness. Yeah, it’s the last one, I know it. Songs! Slide Train – Richard Steele […]

Hey folks, it’s a bit behind, but have a tracklisting from our latest bundle of joy we call a late night radio show! Apocalypse blues – murder mouse blues band What it is – B-Movie Heroes She wants to sell my monkey – Johnny Jones Rum and Coca Cola – Andrew Sisters Goldfinger – Lucifer’s […]

Heart it Races – Dr Dog Whip It – Devo Spaceship – Phrase Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers – Kaki King Blue Blooded Allstars – Hilltop Hood Clap For The Killers – Street Sweeper Social Club She’s Love – End Of Fashion No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand Squares – Beta Band Concrete Boots – […]

There isn’t enough caffeine. What’s going on? There was a show, i know that much. Hilarity and people ringing up with actual requests! I’ll try and play them, I promise! But for now, we need to prepare the next show so here’s what happened last week some time! The Jackal – (Justin didn’t tell me […]