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So it’s a sad goodbye from Lewin and Bryce! You had us for a year and maybe you loved us! Maybe you hated us! As long as we made you feel something, we think we’ve done our job. The future is uncertain but what is clear is that Lewin and Bryce won’t be returning in […]

SO IT WAS OUR SECOND TO LAST SHOW! And fate knew we were ripe for the picking – it gave us all the studio problems it could. (So like we couldn’t play MP3s so we had to record them all to Digital Audio tape (which is really fun!) because we had no CD-Rs, and then […]

So we pretty much trashed the place. Sorry guys. At least we’re always here when you need us? We gave away candy to a lucky guy and some awesome Lewin, Evan and Ashley memorabilia. Check out the playlist, yo: Okay so I put the studio notes in the prize and now I can’t remember what […]

SO WE PLAYED ROCKY SONGS! WITH ROCKS! Rocs rock! So yeah, playlist? YOU BETCHA! New Found Glory – Truck Stop Blues Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit Daddy Cool – Hi Honey Ho The Loved Ones – The Loverly Car Spoon – The Underdog Brand New – Jaws Theme Swimming Suffocation – Jesus Wept Gold Kids […]

So we did a show and had Tran on. Playlist: Kraftwerk – Home Computer Brand New – Last Chance to Lose Your Keys New Found Glory – Don’t Let Her Pull You Down The Hives – Hate to Say I Told You So Morgoth – White Gallery Imminent Psychosis – Rigormortis (Live on Radio Adelaide) […]

Songs were played, mostly rather long (6 minutes!!!!!1one) tracks, but HOW AWESOME ARE STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO HOLY FUCK YO. Playlist: Streetlight Manifesto – A Better Place, A Better Time Remassacre – Beaten with a Blunt Edge Gallows for Grace – Purest Atrophy Brand New – Magazines Fountains of Wayne – Hey Julie Humonic – Branded Left […]

So yeah. We played songs. And got confused when we couldn’t figure out who prank called us… o.O Playlist! Girl vs Ghost – Rain Tegan and Sara – Walking With The Ghost (So much better then the White Stripes cover version) Insurgents – Columbine Way Corrupters – Deadshit Lewin – Dammit (cover) The Smashing Pumpkins […]