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Nice to see you again, This week Brad was unwell so Casey, being the stand up gentleman that heĀ  is, stepped up, if only to ensure Gem was not left alone with a microphone for an hour. We talked about Parapsychology (thanks Paris!), Willard Smith, blood lamps, naked mole rats and stem-cell snorting. In Slightly […]

Hello Everybody, It was nice to spend another crisp Thursday night frequenting your 101.5 and this week friendly hosts Brad and Gem asked the tough questions – Should you pay your fines in urine soaked coins? Can you see with your tongue? and Is the ability to have video games with very sexy graphics really […]

Hello Loyal Listeners and Royal Readers, This week Illuminati fell on the 21st of August, why? Because it was a Friday morning and that’s pretty much how a regular time-slot works guys, geeze. Brad suggested society had gone to the dogs, repeatedly, Gem more or less agreed, but (fearing association with sensationalist media) remained cynical. […]

Hello Everybody! We apologise for the infrequent updates, but if you think about it, this way is more fun. Really it is. This week Illuminati regulars Brad and Gem were joined by Chris of LRC fame and fun was had. We talked about being top-free and listened to the Putin Girls. We also discussed blushing […]

Hello Listeners and Readers! If you didn’t listen last week shame on you because Illumaniti welcomed Brad back. Your punishment for this blatant defiance? We’re only going to give you the playlist, you’ll have to fill all the fun bits in yourself. Don’t feel too bad though, since it has taken the better part of […]

Greetings gremlins and ……gremlinettes? Brad was still on holidays this week so Gem was joined by the radiant Genevieve and they talked about magicians, bomb shelters, mole people, brain music, confident scientists and phobias! Just in case any local budding Magicians were unaware we thought we should let you know that Adelaide’s branch of the […]

Hello Boys and Girls! Illuminati this week featured Livi (aka Madison #3 or Brad #2) and we talked about Jim Morrison because it was the anniversary of his death, this gave Gem an excuse to play more than one song from The Doors in an episode, so that was nice. Olivia brought not only herself […]