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The good ship Left, Right, and Centre made its final boarding call this week. “NO!” you cry. “Actually, yeah” say Adelaide University Student Radio. But you know, maybe it’s ok. Maybe we’ll be strong, and there’ll be no tears. Maybe our lips won’t quiver, and we’ll wake up and resume our little lives. Or maybe […]

Greetings, fellow Shelbyvilleans! Welcome to the part where you read about the radio show that you (hopefully, otherwise shame on you) listened to. But this was not just any episode of student radio flagship Left, Right, and Centre, no no. Casey and Tim were off eating and weeping, as well as studying for exams, so […]

The rosy-faced Left, Right, and Centre cherubs returned, putting on brave faces even though the prospect of soon being unceremoniously removed from the airwaves makes them sad little Vegemites. Sad little Vegemites crying salty, yeasty tears. On this week’s show: Chk Chk Boom girl! News Corp! The death penalty! A man dressed as a breathalyser […]

The green, environmentally friendly thumbs of the Left, Right, and Centre force/blitz returned for another Shocking hour of discussion and humour of questionable quality. But, hey, the songs were great! On the latest serving: Christmas cards, weed, the LRC mystery contributor, and… potting mix? Possibly. Oh, and Rapid Fire News. What makes a Christmas card? […]

Hello catastrophe waitress! Young ruffians! It’s time to be excited because Left, Right, and Centre is still on the radio waves, but be sad because their time is dwindling. Possibly the best radio hosts in the Southern Hemisphere, Casey, Timothy, Christopher and Mateo tried quite hard to make this week’s show a more pleasant listening […]

Wow, sorry devoted listener. We don’t know what happened. It was all going so smoothly, so nicely, then bad things started happening. Frustrating for all. Perhaps the failure of the show this week can be traced back to earlier in the evening (of the 20th of October), when Tim had his much-publicised coconut incident. Does […]

The merry men of Left, Right, and Centre returned for more radio hijinks this past week, deciding to, as always, tackle the pressing issues of the past week. This time around, the unendingly hilarious cases of Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize victory and Silvio Berlusconi in general were aired, making for, as Casey put it, […]