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So I gave Tran a random nickname to fit in around here, while Bryce is in Alaska collecting oil revenue, by selling the grease in his hair. Okay that’s a lie his hair is REALLY clean. We played some songs and you’re here because you want to know which ones. Playlist: Brand New – The […]

Hello catastrophe waitress! Young ruffians! It’s time to be excited because Left, Right, and Centre is still on the radio waves, but be sad because their time is dwindling. Possibly the best radio hosts in the Southern Hemisphere, Casey, Timothy, Christopher and Mateo tried quite hard to make this week’s show a more pleasant listening […]

Bazoogaloo, and figi. Greetings and welcome to a bumper blog entry for Break it Down with Marija Brooke and Joel. In media break down over the past few weeks, we’ve always relied on that currently insurmountable bastion of Hollywood wackiness, Kanye West. Thus, the Kanye Report. We’ve discussed the Swifty saga, the Kanye-Gaga tour and […]

Hey Hey it’s politically correct media! This week Gem and Brad patted themselves on the back for team Adelaide’s achievements in the scientific field: we might have cured cancer and have worked out one mighty efficient way of locating gold. Brad made room for the Eigenharp by sending away the Lamington and praised vitamin C […]

Well Gus and Miles, being good merchants of radio entertainment, provided yet another thrilling hour of bold content. This week we trialed “in the news”, a segment not dissimilar from ABC’s “Media Watch” where we keep an eye out for interesting and compelling radio at its finest. Last night we played an interview with Steven […]

What could be better than an evening with friends? Thursdays show was just that. Miles and I brought you the usual feast of whimsical anecdotes, vague musings, and intellectual profundities, all the while peppered with a light, delicate sauce of contemporary music. What a set it was! We (you) heard: Oasis – Bag it Up The Kaiser Chiefs […]

Gus and I this week chose to play the songs that played a key part in our adolescent development. This was motivated of course after the shock death of Michael Jackson, where we were forced to reflected upon our journey through life – illustrated by Jackson that no matter who you are or what you’ve […]