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June 11 almost slipped by under the radar as any “normal” day might, until the last hour of that day in which Gus and I tried to desperately tried in vein to show to the world just what a special day it really is (or was). A special day for a number of reasons. Of […]

It was another groundbreaking episode of Gus & Miles on your favourite FM station, Radio Adelaide. As usual we probed and questioned the deep philosophical norms which underpin our lives, and came away from the show both enlightened and eager to continue our journey. We also played some bitchin’ tunes. Warsaw Flowers – Toms Song […]

Well, it was 1994 this week. We played 1994-related songs. And some that weren’t. The Cranberries – Zombie Gospel of the Horns – Cold Endless Seasons of Darkness The Offspring – Self Esteem Weezer – No One Else LORD – Set in Stone Cannibal Corpse – Fucked with a Knife (Live in 2000) Weezer – […]

People magazine have touted him as: A romantic in a hard body. The Aussie star that leaves women saying… ‘Oh my God…’ Gus and I don’t believe that this shining star gets enough coverage in the mainstream media and as we are part of community radio, we thought we’d give him just that little bit […]

Greetings Cyber Cats and Radio Dogs, Apologies for the late post but we can’t all be wonder woman can we? The most recent installment of Illuminati on the 2nd of April saw us look at evolutionary ‘mistakes’, obviously sick bears, Madison’s aversion to female news readers and Milk. Dr Seymour from our very own University […]

Welcome Lovely Ladies, Gentle Gents, Friends and Foes*. We will have to start with a retraction, last week when we suggested that Friday the 21st of March was an exciting date to remember, we were wrong, we got too excited and consequently lied. Madison made an attempt at the world record, and unfortunately did not […]