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SO IT WAS OUR SECOND TO LAST SHOW! And fate knew we were ripe for the picking – it gave us all the studio problems it could. (So like we couldn’t play MP3s so we had to record them all to Digital Audio tape (which is really fun!) because we had no CD-Rs, and then […]

SO WE PLAYED ROCKY SONGS! WITH ROCKS! Rocs rock! So yeah, playlist? YOU BETCHA! New Found Glory – Truck Stop Blues Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit Daddy Cool – Hi Honey Ho The Loved Ones – The Loverly Car Spoon – The Underdog Brand New – Jaws Theme Swimming Suffocation – Jesus Wept Gold Kids […]

So yeah. We played songs. And got confused when we couldn’t figure out who prank called us… o.O Playlist! Girl vs Ghost – Rain Tegan and Sara – Walking With The Ghost (So much better then the White Stripes cover version) Insurgents – Columbine Way Corrupters – Deadshit Lewin – Dammit (cover) The Smashing Pumpkins […]

SO LEWDIZZLYDIZZLE BE HERE, YO, AND HE BE HOLLERIN’ ‘BOUT SCREAMIN’ IN SOOOONGS. So we played emo and screamo tonight! And also our usual complement of local shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitizzle. Plus the lovely chaps from LEFT, RIGHT, AND MOTHERFUCKIN’ CENTRE joined us for some awkward just-friends spooning awesome chattin’ on radio! Love those guys, mad props. So […]

SO we played FOLK PUNK! and BRAND NEW! and other SONGS! like GRUNGE! and METALZ LEWIN DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT. /insert Bryce’s metalcore/grindcore dissertation here so lieeeeeek we played songs and maybe you listened? Did you? Nawrh, you’re so sweet! ^____^ ❤ So like a playlist 😀 Radiohead – You Bad Religion – You Frank Turner […]

SO WE HIT SOME GIGS! THEY ROCKED. CHILDREN COLLIDE WERE SO FUCKING GREAT. ATG5 WAS SO FUCKING GREAT. Were you there? COMMENT US! /read the above paragraph in a Powerthirst-fashion So yeah! WE PLAYED SOME SONGS. (Y) THEY WERE: Brand New – Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don’t (WHAT A LONG TITLE […]

So yeah, Bryce was out of action :O He’ll be back metalling it up next week but the Caseinator saved the day! Lewin (yours truly) made the terrible error of naming a band “Foundations of Wayne” but yeah. So the playlist? You bet, yo. Playlist: The Killers – Under The Gun The Flaming Lips – […]